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Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v 0.11.0 build 14

Hai sobat,kali ini saya kembali dengan memposting permainan Minecraft.Permainan yang sudah sangat terkenal dari developer Mojang.PErmainan dimana anda bisa membuat apa saja sesuai kreativitas anda.Membangun rumah,mudah.Membangun istana,monggo dicoba.Dikejar monster,rasakan :v .Berburu hewan,lakukan.Menanam pohon dan bertani,lanjutkan gan.

Kalau di versi 0.11.0 build 11 jika anda terkana lava,maka anda akan terus terbakar.Jika masuk ke air,akan muncul uap.Maka di versi ini sudah  tidak lagi.Dan berbagai perbaikan error sudah disertakan dalam versi 0.11.0 build 14.


  • Removed burning animation from creative mode completely
  • Improved boat boarding so you can press the interact button as well as the D-Pad
  • Bandit skin is now slim
  • Grass pixels are now square and tall grass has random height
  • Improved some text overflowing on buttons
  • Skeletons now have improved accuracy
  • Endermen now teleports away from projectiles
  • Game attempts to repair corrupted worlds
  • Added snowballs to the creative inventory


34 bugs fixed
  • Fixed items disappearing from furnaces after removing items from input
  • Fixed crash after getting poisoned
  • Crafting recipes using wood now display the correct type of wood
  • Magma cube spawn egg now uses the correct texture
  • Naturally spawned lava is now affected by gravity
  • Removed burning animation from creative mode completely
  • Fixed client/server item in hand mismatch.
  • Fixed particles when breaking tall grass
  • Chat & pause buttons now show for boat passengers
  • Fixed clients not being able to board boats
  • Fixed crash when having null items in hand
  • Fixed missing cave spider eyes
  • Fixed [NUL] characters at the end of strings
  • Tamed animals no longer teleport to the player while inside a boat
  • Fixed spawning above beds and caves
  • Fixed player spawning on the same height it was killed
  • Fixed creative clients having items after switching to survival
  • Fixed “iMojang” string
  • Fixed players spawning into the ground
  • Fixed multitasking crash
  • Fixed invisible clients
  • Fixed crash when throwing snowballs
  • Fixed poison lasting after respawn
  • Fixed memory leak on potion effects
  • Fixed spawn on players after joining a world
  • Fixed players being in a constant death animation
  • Fixed placing sign crashes when it is removed by other player
  • Fixed lava fire being biased towards east and north
  • Fixed crash when using bonemeal multiple times on tall grass

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